tekening TV uit plafond

Drop down TV lifts

Ceiling TV lifts conceal your flatscreen television from view when switched off. Keeps floor space free. Available in various designs, with differences in travel length. With the option of a swivel unit and/or flap actuator.

Pop Up TV lifts

Different options for a variety of applications. Suitable for mounting to a back panel or flooring of a cabinet. Operation via home automation or remote control, low noise level and easy to assemble.

impressie pop up TV
impressie TV komt omhoog uit voeteneind bed

Telescopic Pop Up TV lifts

Ideally suited for placement at the foot end of a bed. Low in height, large travel, enables you to create a high-quality piece of furniture no higher than a standard bed height.

Pop Up lifts with swivel

Versatile vertical lifting system. Rotates your TV screen so that viewing from different angles is possible. Allows for more freedom in the arrangement of your interior. Integrated memory function for last chosen position/angle. Electronically driven flap mechanism as part of the system.

impressie TV op draaibare lift
impressie Tv lift uit vloer


For the ultimate WOW factor! Hide your TV under the floor. Available in various models, depending on space and further requirements. With or without swivel unit. In- or excluding watertight container and steady cover flap.

Horizontal TV lifts

Creates a luxury appearance in combination with a fireplace. Horizontal movement to either left or right, with or without swivel unit. The horizontal TVlift allows you to position your screen at the right height for comfortable viewing.
tekening TV wegwerken bij openhaard
impressie elektische TV lift


No rear wall required for installation. Free standing due to stable footing. Ideal for placing behind a sofa or settee. Suits a variety of screen sizes and types.

Moving Panel

New at tvliftboy, the panel drive!

Move a panel in front of your TV for a smooth, sleek finish of a cabinet wall. We have various options to choose from. For example a lift up or a drop down movement of the panel complemented with a sliding movement of your television. Curious to know the possibilities? Just send us an e-mail.

tekening Displaybox TV lift voor presentatie

Questions about our products?

We can be reached by telephone or e-mail. We are happy to answer your questions!

Just visit our showroom!

We have most models on display and in operational mode for you. So you can get the feel, hear and see our products. We gladly give you a demonstration and advice on which type of lift would be best suitable for your application.

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tvliftboy is een Nederlands bedrijf dat zich volledig heeft toegelegd op het bedenken, ontwerpen en bouwen van televisieliften...

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tvliftboy ist ein holländisches Unternehmen und entwickelt und produziert elektrisch angetriebene Fernseherlifte.

Telefoon: +31 (0)182 - 388 551
E-mail: info@tvliftboy.nl

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About us

tvliftboy is a Dutch based company specialised in the design and the manufacturing of television lifts.

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tvliftboy es una empresa holandesa que se ha dedicado plenamente a la concepción, el diseño y la construcción de elevadores de televisión.

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